Our Services


Once you have the concept for your build or renovation, it’s time to get those ideas onto plan. Arrage Group can produce detailed plans based on your requirements. Our relationship with qualified architects will ensure the concept is accurately portrayed in the designs and nothing is left to chance.  

Site Analysis will be an important first step in the design of any construction project, and our qualified inspectors can research and successfully analyse the site on which you plan to build. We take into consideration all aspects that may affect your build including land size, zoning and regulations, access to utilities and the surrounding environment. Let us help assess your site and advise the best way to achieve your goals before proceeding to the all-important stage of putting the concept into plan.

We can provide accurate costing and scope of work based on the design and assist in pushing your project through the approval stage with local council. The design will then be turned into detailed construction documents for our builders to begin work. Arrage group will regularly monitor the progress of the build to ensure it is as per the plan created, liaising and checking with you at each step of the process.  


Arrage Group has successfully managed various commercial and private developments throughout Sydney. Whether you are looking to build or renovate for retail, office space, hospitality and residential, we can help with any aspect from initial design right through to construction.

Arrage Group has many years of experience in the development of cutting edge concepts. Imagine a house specifically designed for you! Your ideas, coupled with our innovative expertise will result in a home that beams with its own character. Our understanding of the construction process and local regulations means that from the very beginning we can develop a design that works.

Are you ready to start developing your investment property? Arrage Group can help turn your idea into a reality, as we have done for many private investors in NSW. Whether you’re dream is an apartment or townhouse complex, a shopping mall or a lifestyle property, our multi-dimensional team can manage the project from design through to build.

Drawing on our expertise and knowledge of the property market, we are able to work with you to ensure you are making the best possible decision for your investment through careful financial modelling. We will conduct feasibility and risk management studies, liaise with local councils and town planners, develop innovative best practice designs with architects, and manage contractors and stakeholders.

Once the planning phase is complete, our construction team will be ready to bring your project to life.


Planning your new home is exciting and you want to ensure the end result is your dream house. Arrage Group has substantial experience and can help make your new home a reality.

If you are starting from scratch, we can work with you through the conceptualisation, and give our expert advice through our design and planning offering. Our relationship with highly skilled architects will mean detailed plans that our building team can embrace and begin work on the construction of your new home.

If you decide to buy off the plan, our project management capability means we can manage the construction, including the supervision of subcontractors to ensure your new home is complete as quickly as possible. If you are looking to add your own touch to an off the plan home, then share your ideas and we can work with you to incorporate these customer features into your home.

Arrage Group offers a complete end to end service for new home constructions. Our team of qualified builders, and relationships with contractors and suppliers, will mean a seamless and stress-free service. Our project manager will liaise with you through each step of the project, providing regular updates and seeking your input on decisions about your new dream home.


Planning some home improvements? Renovating can be stressful and you want to ensure that what you are planning will add value to your home. Arrage Group have extensive experience in all types of renovations from new kitchens, bathroom upgrades right through to that extra floor you’ve been dreaming of. We can manage renovations and extensions of all kinds from beginning to end. 

Careful analysis of the building will take place by our qualified and experienced builders. Our aim is to help you achieve your goal, whilst being innovative, practical and honest about your expectations. Once we have agreed on the best way forward, we will issue a quote and once approved work with our design team to draw up the plans and help move them through the approval process with your local council.

Renovations and Extensions can cause chaos and we want to minimise the impact where possible, and will work with your schedule in order to do so. Our builders will aim to have the project completed as quickly as possible, whilst providing a quality build with flawless detail. The project manager will be in regular contact with you as the client to make sure both parties are clear on the progress of the build and decisions being made.  

We have helped many clients and friends through multiple home improvement projects, assisting them to achieve their goals and add value to their home.